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Notice 2016-25 - Request for Comment
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Bank Dealers, Municipal Advisors

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1.  Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Mike Nicholas, CEO, dated November 10, 2016

2.  Center for Municipal Finance: Letter from Marc D. Joffe dated November 6, 2016

3.  City of New York: Letter from Prescott D. Ulrey, General Counsel, New York City Office of Management and Budget, and Al Rodriguez, Chief, Municipal Finance Division, New York City Law Department, dated November 11, 2016

4.  City of New York, Office of the Comptroller: Letter from Tim Martin, Assistant Comptroller for Public Finance, dated November 11, 2016

5.  Darcy Versions I and II: E-mail from G. Letti dated October 12, 2016

6.  Financial Services Institute: Letter from Robin Traxler, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Associate General Counsel, dated November 11, 2016

7.  Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Emily Swenson Brock, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated November 10, 2016

8.  Kevin M. Bronner: Letter dated November 11, 2016

9.  Michael Paganini: E-mail dated October 12, 2016

10. National Association of Municipal Advisors: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Executive Director, dated November 14, 2016

11.  National Association of State Treasurers: Letter from Hon. James McIntire, President, dated November 16, 2016

12.  National Federation of Municipal Analysts: Letter from Lisa Washburn, Chair, dated November 10, 2016

13.  Richard Li: E-mail (1) and E-mail (2) dated October 13, 2016

14.  San Francisco International Airport: Letter from Kevin Kone, Managing Director, Finance, dated November 10, 2016

15.  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: Letter from Michael Decker, Managing Director, dated November 11, 2016

16.  Sunlight Foundation: Letter from Noel Isama, Policy Associate, dated November 10, 2016

17.  Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC: Letter from Robert J. McCarthy, Director of Regulatory Policy, dated November 11, 2016