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Notice 2016-24 - Request for Comment
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Bank Dealers, Municipal Advisors

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Rule G-3

1.  Breena LLC: E-mail from G. Letti dated September 30, 2016

2.  Castle Advisory Company LLC: E-mail from Garth Schulz dated September 30, 2016

3.  Columbia Capital Management, LLC: Letter from Jeff White, Principal, dated November 11, 2016

4.  Financial Services Institute: Letter from David T. Bellaire, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, dated November 14, 2016

5.  Lamont Financial Services Corporation: Letter from Robert A. Lamb, President, dated October 21, 2016

6.  Lawrence Goldberg: E-mail dated September 30, 2016

7.  National Association of Municipal Advisors: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Executive Director, dated November 14, 2016

8.  PFM Group: Letter from Leo Karwejna, Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, dated November 14, 2016

9.  Public Resources Advisory Group: Letter from Marianne F. Edmonds, Senior Managing Director, dated November 14, 2016

10.  Roberts Consulting, LLC: E-mail from Jonathan Roberts dated October 14, 2016

11.  Third Party Marketers Association: Letter from Donna DiMaria, Chairman of the Board of Directors, dated November 17, 2016