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RTRS Educational Conference Calls


Beginning November 27, 2007, the MSRB will hold educational conference calls on Real-Time Transaction Reporting (RTRS).  Three classes of conference calls are offered and topics addressed at each class are listed below:

RTRS I:  Introduction to RTRS

- Rules G-14 and G-12(f)
- RTRS Web overview and basic navigation
- Form RTRS
- Procedure for documenting system outages

RTRS II:  Monitoring Transaction Reporting Compliance

- Regulatory status (“error codes”) assigned to each trade report
- Reports available through RTRS Web
- RTRS Web search features and trade data exports
- Dealer Feedback System

RTRS III:  Recent and Upcoming Changes to RTRS

- MSRB Notice 2007-25 on SEC approval relating to reporting special condition indicators for certain special trading scenarios and related error codes
- Dealer Data Quality – Summary of Correspondent’s Trades Report
- Update on MSRB Notice 2007-10 re: proposed rules that would require dealer participation in DTC’s New Issue Information Dissemination System

Each conference call will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes and have a maximum capacity of 50 callers.  Pre-registration is required and attendance is available on a first come basis.  There is no charge to attend.

We will be utilizing an online meeting application, Webex, to coordinate the conference calls.  Prior to registering for the conference call, you must first download the Webex client, “Training Manager”.  Please click on the following link to download the client: Training Manager Download.  After you have successfully downloaded the client, choose the conference call session you would like to attend by clicking on the “Upcoming” tab: Conference Call Schedule.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation/instructional e-mail from  If you do not receive the e-mail shortly after you have registered, you may have a spam filter blocking the address.  In this case, please have your e-mail administrator unblock from your spam filter.  Also, Webex may attempt to “Setup Training Center” each time you join a session.  Please select “Cancel” if this should happen.  

If you have questions about using Webex or experience any technical issues, please contact our Meeting Planner, Tina Hanachi, at 703-797-6600, or the Webex technical support at 866-569-3239.

Questions about the topics covered at the conference calls may be directed to a Transaction Reporting Assistant.

November 16, 2007