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Customer Trading with Alternative Trading Systems
Publication date:

Analysis of customer transactions with Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) and overall market comparison.

2022 Mid-Year Market Update
Publication date:

Read about significant changes in the municipal bond market in the first half of 2022. Details in the MSRB’s latest analysis.

Trends in Municipal Securities Ownership
Publication date:

Ownership since 2004 reveals a continuous decline in individual investor direct ownership of municipal securities while ownership through funds has steadily risen. Read the report.

Characteristics of Municipal Securities Trading on Alternative Trading Systems and Broker’s Broker Platforms
Publication date:

This paper focuses on the impact of electronic trading technology on the municipal securities market by analyzing inter-dealer trading activity on alternative trading systems (ATSs) and broker’s…

Inter-Dealer Municipal Trading
Publication date:

Summary information on inter-dealer and ATS trading.

Analysis of Municipal Securities Pre-Trade Data from Alternative Trading Systems
Publication date:

Analysis of pre-trade quote data for municipal securities available to market participants on alternative trading systems (ATSs).