Notice of Filing

Proposed Change Filed to Establish a Fee Relating to the OS/ARD Subsystem

Notice of Filing The Board has filed a proposed change to establish a fee relating to the operation of its OS/ARD subsystem of the MSIL(R) system.

Questions about the filing may be directed to Thomas A. Hutton, Director of MSIL.

On May 19, 1997, the Board filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission) a proposed change to establish a fee relating to the operation of its Official Statement/Advance Refunding Document (OS/ARD) subsystem of the Municipal Securities Information Library(R) ("MSIL(R)") system.[1] The Board is establishing a price of $7,000 (plus delivery or postage charges) for its 1996 document collection of official statements and refunding documents, sold as a "backlog" collection. This fee change was effective upon filing with the Commission.[2]

The OS/ARD subsystem, which was activated on April 20, 1992, is a central electronic facility through which information collected and stored pursuant to MSRB rule G-36 is made available electronically and in paper form to market participants and information vendors. [3]

May 19, 1997


[1] Municipal Securities Information Library and MSIL are registered trademarks of the Board. The MSIL system, which was approved in Securities Exchange Act Release No. 29298 (June 13, 1991), is a central facility through which information about municipal securities is collected, stored and disseminated.

[2] File No. SR-MSRB-97-3. Comments submitted to the Commission should refer to this file number.

[3] Rule G-36 requires underwriters to provide copies of final official statements and advance refunding documents within certain specified time frames for most new issues issued since January 1, 1990.


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