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Notice Regarding Effectiveness of Commercial Paper Amendment to Rule G-36 and New Version of Form G-36 Manual

On April 9, 1998, the amendment to rule G-36 relating to the submission to the Board of official statements for commercial paper issues goes into operation. The amendment provides that, once the official statement and Form G-36(OS) for a commercial paper issue has been sent to the Board under rule G-36, such official statement need not be resubmitted to the Board in connection with future roll-overs or issuances of new tranches of commercial paper so long as it has not been modified from the form previously submitted.

In conjunction with the effectiveness of this amendment, the Board is releasing on April 9, 1998 a revised version of the Form G-36 Manual. The substantive revisions consist of the addition of a description of the commercial paper amendment and a new section containing answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the completion and submission of Forms G-36(OS) and G-36(ARD). The Forms G-36(OS) and G-36(ARD) and the item-by-item instructions for completing the forms have not changed.

The Form G-36 Manual may be obtained through the Board's Publications Order Form that appears in each issue of MSRB Reports. The Form G-36 Manual is also available at the Board's web site.

April 9, 1998


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