2008 Filings with the SEC

SR-MSRB-2008-07 (November 18, 2008)  
Proposed Rule Change to Rule G-34, on CUSIP Numbers and New Issue Requrements, to Establish a Transparency System for Municipal Auction Rate Securities and Municipal Variable Rate Demand Obligations
    Amendment No. 1 (January 2, 2009) 

SR-MSRB-2008-06 (August 18, 2008)  
Revisions to the Study Outline and Selection Specifications for the Municipal Fund Securities Limited Principal Qualification Examination (Series 51) Program

SR-MSRB-2008-05 (July 29, 2008)  
Proposed Rule Change to Establish a Continuing Disclosure Service of the Electronic Municipal Market Access System (EMMA) 
    Amendment No. 1 (November 5, 2008)

SR-MSRB-2008-04 (May 9, 2008)  
Amendment to Rule G-34, on CUSIP Numbers and New Issue Requirements, to Require Underwriter Registration and Testing with Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation's New Issue Information Dissemination System

SR-MSRB-2008-03 (March 18, 2008)  
Amendments to Rule G-11, on New Issue Syndicate Practices, and Rule G-12, on Uniform Practice          
    Amendment No. 1 (June 26, 2008)

SR-MSRB-2008-02 (March 5, 2008)    
Amendment to Rule A-3, on Membership on the Board, and Rule A-4, on Meetings of the Board

SR-MSRB-2008-01 (February 19, 2008)  
Amendment to Rule G-8 to Delete the Requirement to Maintain Copies of Form G-40 and Any Amended Forms as Required by Rule G-40