Recent SEC Filings

The MSRB files changes to its rules with the Securities and Exchange Commission for review and approval. These filings, as well as related documents such as amendments to filings, MSRB comment letters and SEC approval orders also are available. View filings and associated documents from the last 30 days in the table below. To see earlier filings, click on a year listed below the table.

Title File Number Rule Number Filing Type Date
Federal Register Notice of Filing SR-MSRB-2018-08 Rule G-45 Federal Register Publication 11/02/2018
MSRB Response to Comments SR-MSRB-2018-07 Rule G-3 MSRB Letter 11/16/2018
SEC Approval Order SR-MSRB-2018-07 Rule G-3 SEC Approval Order 11/20/2018

Filings by Year

View SEC filings and associated documents by year.