Regulatory Notices

MSRB regulatory notices keep market participants informed of regulatory changes and provide guidance on the application of existing rules.

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Full Title Stakeholders Publication Date Notice Number Rule Number Notice Type
MSRB Amends its Continuing Education Requirements to Facilitate Web-based Delivery of Regulatory Element Training Municipal Securities Dealers 9/30/2015 2015-17 Rule G-3 Regulatory Announcement
Request for Comment on Draft Rule Amendments to Require Confirmation Disclosure of Mark-ups for Specified Principal Transactions with Retail Customers
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Municipal Securities Dealers, Investors, General Public 9/24/2015 2015-16 Rule G-15 Request for Comment
MSRB’s Series 50 Pilot Examination to be Offered January 15, 2016 – February 15, 2016 Municipal Advisors 9/08/2015 2015-15 Rule G-3 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Revises Effective Date for MSRB Rule G-18, on Best Execution of Transactions in Municipal Securities, and Related Rule Amendments 9/03/2015 2015-14 Rule D-15 , Rule G-18 , Rule G-48 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Adjusts Fees to Align Revenues with Operational and Capital Expenses 8/10/2015 2015-13 Rule A-12 , Rule A-13 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Revises Content Outlines for its Professional Qualification Examinations for Municipal Securities Dealers 7/31/2015 2015-12 Rule G-3 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Documents System Hours in EMMA System, RTRS and SHORT System Information Facilities 7/23/2015 2015-11 Regulatory Announcement
Request for Comment on Establishment of an Academic Historical Trade Data Product
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7/16/2015 2015-10 Request for Comment
MSRB to Extend Due Date for First Submissions Under MSRB Rule G-45, Reporting of Information on Municipal Fund Securities 6/30/2015 2015-09 Rule G-45 Regulatory Announcement
Request for Comment on Draft Amendments and Other Issues Related to MSRB Rule A-3 on Membership on the Board
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6/11/2015 2015-08 Rule A-3 Request for Comment
SEC Approves Amendments to MSRB Rule G-14 and Real-Time Transaction Reporting System 5/26/2015 2015-07 Rule G-14 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Files Content Outline for Municipal Advisor Representative Qualification Examination (Series 50) 4/22/2015 2015-06 Rule G-3 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB Amends Fees Charged for Qualification Examinations 3/17/2015 2015-05 Rule A-16 Regulatory Announcement
MSRB to Amend Rules to Create Professional Qualification Standards for Municipal Advisors 3/02/2015 2015-04 Rule D-13 , Rule G-1 , Rule G-2 , Rule G-3 Regulatory Announcement
Bank Loan Disclosure Market Advisory 1/29/2015 2015-03 Regulatory Announcement