Meet Our Experts

The MSRB provides expertise and objective data about the municipal securities market. MSRB staff are available for speaking engagements and can contribute to media coverage of the municipal market on-the-record, when appropriate, and on background. The MSRB also can help connect reporters with other market experts regarding topics outside of the MSRB's regulatory, market structure, issuance and trading subject-matter expertise.  

Contact Ted Hamlin, at, for assistance connecting with a municipal market expert.  

Bond Issuance and Trading

Before they were regulators, a number of MSRB professionals worked in the municipal market as issuers, underwriters and traders. These professionals can provide insight into the practical application of MSRB rules and how market participants use the data and disclosure documents available on the MSRB’s EMMA® website.

Mark KimExecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
John Bagley, Chief Market Structure Officer
Barbara Voute', Director, Market Practices

Compliance and Professional Qualifications

A team of compliance and professional qualification professionals ensure coordination with regulatory authorities with examination and enforcement and support regulated entities with understanding and complying with MSRB rules and standards of professional qualification.

Gail Marshall, Chief Compliance Officer
Karl Eiholzer, Director, Product Management - Regulatory Services
Lisa Wilhelmy, Assistant General Counsel - Enforcement Coordination
Bri Joiner, Director, Professional Qualifications

Policy and Rulemaking

The MSRB’s legal and other policy professionals are knowledgeable about regulations that ensure a fair, transparent and efficient municipal market.

Pamela K. Ellis, Associate General Counsel
David Hodapp, Assistant General Counsel

Research and Market Structure

Experts in market structure, economic analysis and municipal market data are available to respond to data requests and help put the numbers into context. The MSRB makes municipal market information as transparent and widely available as possible, primarily through its Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website

John Bagley, Chief Market Structure Officer
Simon Wu, Chief Economist
Marcelo Vieira, Director, Research

Securities Regulation and Federal Policy

Created by Congress, the MSRB is part of the federal financial regulatory system. MSRB staff can provide expertise and insight on the regulatory framework and federal oversight.

Susan Collet, Director, Government Relations


Leah Szarek
Director, Communications