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Compliance Corner

Read the MSRB's Compliance Corner, a new quarterly electronic newsletter with resources to support the compliance obligations of municipal securities dealers and municipal advisors.

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Winter 2017

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Read past editions of the Municipal Advisor Review, a discontinued quarterly resources guide for municipal advisors.

MSRB Update

The MSRB Update* is a quarterly newsletter that provides an overview of the MSRB's strategic activities. 

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Fall 2018Summer 2018 | Spring 2018 
March 2018 | February 2018 | January 2018

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Past Monthly Updates

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Historical MSRB Reports published
by the MSRB until 2001

*Previously distributed monthly 

It's Your Deal


Read the MSRB's quarterly resource guide for municipal securities issuers. It's Your Deal provides objective and useful information to state and local governments that issue municipal bonds

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Summer 2018 | Spring 2018Winter 2018 

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Past Versions of It's Your Deal