Market Data Publications

The MSRB is an independent, neutral source of municipal market data. It publishes a variety of municipal market statistics, white papers and reports on and on its Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website, a free online database for municipal disclosures and trade data. 

The MSRB’s market statistics and publications allow investors, issuers, municipal securities dealers, regulators, policymakers and others to review statistical trends and patterns for the municipal market. MSRB's white papers and reports examine municipal market topics and provide data and objective analysis to assist market participants, policymakers and the public in developing a deeper understanding of the municipal securities market. 

What Statistics Are Available?
The MSRB publishes municipal market statistics on EMMA that reflect market-wide trading activity, new issuance levels and counts of continuing disclosure submissions. The MSRB also makes available, on, trading and continuing disclosure data patterns on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, as well as other statistical summaries, white papers and research reports. All data is available to the public for free.

To provide this comprehensive set of municipal market statistics, the MSRB aggregates and summarizes trade transactions, interest rate resets, and primary and continuing disclosure information submitted to the MSRB.
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