Puerto Rico Bond Data and Information

To assist investors and others seeking information on bonds issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and other issuers within the Commonwealth, the MSRB is providing information on trade activity for issuers, pricing history for the most active securities as well as a current and historical depiction of the Commonwealth’s public sector debt. Additional information on Commonwealth issuers and their securities is available on the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website. Users can consult official statements on EMMA for more detailed information about the issuer, obligor and bond repayment terms. The MSRB’s Education Center provides helpful information about the municipal securities market, including the risks and considerations when buying and selling municipal securities.

Continuing Disclosure on EMMA
EMMA serves as the central repository for continuing disclosures, which consist of important information provided by an issuer or obligated person about its financial condition or the occurrence of specific material events that arise after the initial issuance of the bonds. Learn more about the importance of monitoring continuing disclosures throughout the life of a municipal security. View a list of issuers in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and links to their financial and event disclosures on EMMA. 

Trade Information on EMMA
EMMA provides real-time trade data on all outstanding municipal securities, including information on price, yield, par volume and number of trades as well as dynamic graphing functionality. Read more about using EMMA trade data. View a list of links to relevant data and other information for frequently traded securities issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and by other issuers within the Commonwealth

Additional Resources 
The following organizations provide basic demographic, economic and geographic data and fact sets that may be helpful for investors and others seeking more information on the fiscal condition of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.   

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