Market Topics

Market Leadership

The MSRB stays apprised of events affecting the municipal market and advances market understanding by providing expertise to policymakers and other regulators whose jurisdiction includes aspects of the municipal market.

Continuing Disclosure

Continuing disclosures provide investors with ongoing information about municipal securities.

Price Transparency

The MSRB provides access to pricing information online through its Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website.

SEC Report

In July 2012, the SEC published a report on the municipal securities market.

Bank Loans

Bank loans have implications for municipal bondholders and are being used more frequently by state and local governments.

Municipal Market Indicators

Municipal market indicators provide information about the general level of interest rates for municipal securities.

Volcker Rule

This federal rule on proprietary trading has implications for the municipal bond market.

Detroit Bond Information

The MSRB's EMMA website provides information on Detroit bond issues for those seeking information on the city's bankruptcy filing.