Market Disclosures and Data

Market Disclosures and Data

The MSRB collects municipal market data, disclosures and statistics and makes them available to investors and the public for free, primarily through the MSRB's EMMA website.

About EMMA

The EMMA® website is a comprehensive, centralized online source for free access to municipal disclosures, market transparency data and educational materials.

Data Subscription Services

Data and disclosure documents available for free on the EMMA website are also available on a subscription basis in real-time for a fee.

Market Statistics

The MSRB publishes a variety of municipal market statistics that reflect market-wide trading patterns.

Primary Market Documents

Official statements and other primary market documents establish the terms and conditions of a new bond issue. Learn about submission of primary market documents.

Continuing Disclosure Documents

These documents consist of information about a municipal security that arises after the initial issuance of the bond. Learn about continuing disclosure submissions.

Trade Data

Municipal market trade data reflect the prices paid and interest rates received for municipal bonds.
Learn about trade data submissions.

Variable Rate Securities Data and Disclosures

Current interest rates and important information are available for municipal variable rate securities.
Learn about variable rate securities submissions.

Political Contributions

These disclosure documents reflect political contributions made by municipal securities dealers in connection with underwriting business.
Learn about political contribution submissions.

529 College Savings Plans

These documents include information about college savings plan fees, risks, investment performance and tax considerations.

Registered Dealer List

The MSRB maintains a list of securities and bank dealers registered to sell, trade and underwrite municipal securities.

Registered Advisor List

The MSRB maintains a list of advisors registered to provide municipal advisory services.