State and Local Governments

The MSRB provides resources about issuing municipal bonds.

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Disclosing Financial and Other Information to Investors

Learn more about making timely and complete financial and other disclosures to investors.


Use the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website to access and submit municipal market disclosures and data.

MSRB Gateway

Log in to MSRB Gateway to securely submit data and documents to the MSRB. Learn more about getting started with MSRB Gateway.

Agent Submissions

An agent is an organization designated by another organization to submit documents to the MSRB on its behalf.

Hiring a Dealer or Advisor

Check to see if your municipal securities dealer or municipal advisor is registered with the MSRB.

File a Complaint

File a complaint against a municipal securities dealer or municipal advisor.

SEC Rule 15c2-12

Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 15c2-12 contains municipal securities disclosure requirements.

Learn More

Read about the MSRB’s mission to protect state and local governments and other municipal entities that issue municipal securities.