Municipal Securities Dealers

The MSRB provides information and resources about registration, fees, rule compliance and regulatory developments for municipal securities dealers.

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Registered Municipal Securities Dealers

View a current list of dealers registered with the MSRB.

Dealer Assessments and Fees

Read about assessments, fees and billing information. Click here to view MSRB bill payment options.

Agent Submissions

An agent is an organization designated by another organization to submit documents to the MSRB on its behalf.

MSRB Rules

Access MSRB rules for municipal securities brokers, dealers and municipal securities dealers.

Professional Qualification

Read about MSRB standards of professional qualifications and requirements.

Dealer Forms and Manuals

The MSRB maintains a number of forms and manuals to used by dealers in conjunction with their compliance activities associated with MSRB rules.

Dealer Identifiers

The MSRB's executing broker symbol (EBS) list identifies MSRB registrants that effect municipal securities transactions.


MSRB Registration

Brokers, dealers, municipal securities dealers and municipal advisors are required to register with the MSRB. Read more about MSRB registration.