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The MSRB holds periodic education and training events for municipal market participants. These free events provide information about municipal market topics, regulatory and compliance issues, and instruction on MSRB market transparency systems. Past presentations and past webinars are also available.

Date and Time
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and Municipal Advisory Council of Texas Education and Outreach Seminar   The MSRB will host a public education and outreach seminar for municipal market professionals to discuss municipal market structure issues and development of new regulations for professionals that provide financial advice to state and local governments, among other topics.

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  March 5, 2015
2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT
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MSRB Webinar: G-45 on 529 Plan Data Collection   The MSRB will host a webinar for underwriters of 529 college savings plans about MSRB Rule G-45 effective on February 24, 2015. Also, the webinar will review the electronic submission information requirements and the process for completing Form G-45. Read the Form G-45 manual and specifications.
  March 12, 2015
3:00 p.m.
to 4:00 p.m. ET
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MSRB Webinar: MSRB Rule G-44 on Supervisory and Compliance Obligations of Municipal Advisors, and Amendments to MSRB Rules G-8 and G-9   The MSRB will host a webinar to review MSRB Rule G-44, on Supervisory and Compliance Obligations of Municipal Advisors and amendments to MSRB Rule G-8, on books and records and MSRB Rule G-9, on preservation of records.
  March 19, 2015
3:00 p.m.
to 4:00 p.m. ET
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Industry Appearances of MSRB Representatives

The MSRB seeks to educate as many municipal market participants as possible about its mission, activities and recent rulemaking initiatives. MSRB Board members and staff frequently present or speak at industry events around the country. Past speeches by MSRB representatives are also available.

MSRB Board or staff
Government Finance Officers Association of Alabama Annual Conference   Auburn, AL   February 25-27, 2015   Leah Szarek, Communications Manager
Bond Buyer National Municipal Bond Summit 
  Fort Lauderdale, FL   March 2, 2015   Lynnette Kelly, Executive Director
National Association of Bond Lawyers' Annual Tax & Securities Law Institute
  New Orleans, LA
  March 5, 2015   Lynnette Kelly, Executive Director
College Savings Foundation Conference
  Austin, TX   March 5, 2015   Saliha Olgun, Counsel
Association of Registration Management Annual Educational Conference   Amelia Island, FL   March 9-11, 2015   Michael Cowart, Assistant General Counsel
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Fixed Income Conference    New York, NY   March 10, 2015   Michael Post, Deputy General Counsel
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Compliance and Legal Society Annual Seminar

  Phoenix, AZ   March 15-18, 2015   Michael Post, Deputy General Counsel
Investment Company Institute Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference
  Palm Desert, CA
  March 16, 2015
  Michael Post, Deputy General Counsel
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission Municipal Debt Essentials Conference   Riverside, CA   March 19, 2015   Justin Pica, Director of Product Management