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The MSRB holds periodic education and training events for municipal market participants. These free events provide information about municipal market topics, regulatory and compliance issues, and instruction on MSRB market transparency systems. Past presentations and past webinars are also available.

Date and Time
MSRB Webinar: Application of MSRB Rule G-20, on Gifts, Gratuities, Non-Cash Compensation, to Municipal Advisors and Related Amendments to MSRB Rule G-8
During this free webinar, MSRB staff will review the key provisions of amended MSRB Rule G-20. During this free webinar, MSRB staff will review the key provisions of changes to MSRB Rule G-20 to extend restrictions regarding gift giving and the related recordkeeping requirements currently applicable to brokers, dealers, and municipal securities dealers to municipal advisors. The amendments include a new provision to prohibit expressly the seeking or obtaining of reimbursement by a dealer or municipal advisor of certain entertainment expenses from the proceeds of an offering of municipal securities.

Amended MSRB Rule G-20 is effective May 6, 2016.

March 24, 2016
3:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m. ET


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Industry Appearances of MSRB Representatives

The MSRB seeks to educate as many municipal market participants as possible about its mission, activities and recent rulemaking initiatives. MSRB Board members and staff frequently present or speak at industry events around the country. Past speeches by MSRB representatives are also available.

MSRB Board or staff
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority South Region Compliance Seminar
  New Orleans, LA   December 2-3, 2015   Gail Marshall, Associate General Counsel
Government Treasurers' Organization of Texas Winter Seminar   Houston, TX   December 8, 2015   Leila Barbour, Outreach Manager

MSRB Event Participation

To inquire about having the MSRB participate in an event, contact Ritta McLaughlin, Chief Education Officer, at rmclaughlin@msrb.org or 703-797-6714.