Understand Our Culture

Making a Difference

The MSRB works to ensure that communities that raise money from investors to build bridges, schools and other public projects can do so in a market that operates fairly, efficiently and in the public interest. This mission matters to everyone at the MSRB, from the attorneys who work to establish and update rules to the developers coding the next new feature on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website. As a small organization that oversees a national market, the MSRB recognizes that none of this would be possible without each employee’s contributions. Collectively, we are dedicated to ensuring that the municipal securities market operates with integrity and fairness so that it remains a viable capital-raising option for communities. 

In addition to demonstrating passion for the MSRB’s mission, our employees are passionate about giving back to the community. Our Community Connection program is led by the MSRB’s Employee Council, which serves as the voice of the employees. The MSRB supports the Council’s initiatives to enrich the lives of less fortunate members of our community. Over the years, the MSRB’s Community Connection initiative has included activities such as collecting packaged food and toiletries for donation to local shelters and adopting families in need of holiday cheer.


Through the MSRB’s leadership, the municipal market operates fairly, transparently, efficiently and with integrity; investors and municipal entities are protected; there is a high degree of confidence in the municipal market; and the municipal market is a standard for other securities markets to emulate. The MSRB is a leading expert in and an objective resource for information about the municipal market.

Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering an innovative and collaborative workplace is fundamental to our values. Individuals with a wide range of professional, social and cultural backgrounds bring their diverse perspectives to the MSRB, enabling our cross-functional teams to think creatively to solve emerging challenges. Our staff includes representatives from nearly every corner of the globe. View an infographic about our diverse team.

The Value of Transparency

One of the core values of the MSRB is transparency. We bring transparency to the municipal market by operating the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website, the free public source of trade prices, disclosure documents and other information on municipal securities. The MSRB values transparency with its employees as well, and supports open communication at all levels of the organization. Quarterly all-staff meetings are a way senior management shares key strategic decisions and updates, along with regular updates on the MSRB’s annual operating plan. An employee intranet and daily news briefings keep staff connected to each other and to events that affect the municipal securities market. Staff are encouraged to ask questions and everyone works to create an atmosphere of “no surprises.”

How We Work

Working at the MSRB is an experience characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration. The MSRB recognizes that to best fulfill its mission, the sharing of new ideas must be encouraged and rewarded. Individuals from each department and all levels of the organization contribute to meeting the ambitious operating objectives established each year by the MSRB Board of Directors and managed by our Senior Leadership Team. The MSRB work culture is a fast-paced environment in which staff typically work together on multiple projects. Collaboration emerges through formal meetings in conference rooms or spontaneous conversations with colleagues. Peers and senior leaders take time from their daily tasks and long-term projects to mentor others. 

Professional Development

At the MSRB, close collaboration with peers and senior colleagues fosters an environment of continuous learning. All employees develop individualized development plans for enhancing their professional skills. The MSRB provides numerous opportunities for employees to demonstrate leadership abilities, deepen industry knowledge, and strengthen communication skills. Our employees serve as experts at industry-wide events, host webinars to educate market participants and provide support to regulated entities and other constituents. Formal on-site and off-site training and development programs are available to employees throughout the year.

The MSRB also encourages staff to pursue degree programs, professional certification programs and continuing education classes to advance their long-term career goals. The MSRB’s Tuition Assistance Program provides limited reimbursement for tuition, books, registration and exam fees. The MSRB believes that supporting employees in their desire to grow professionally helps ensure a strong talent pool for succession planning and enhances organizational performance.


The mission of the MSRB is to protect investors, state and local government issuers, other municipal entities and the public interest by promoting a fair and efficient municipal market. Three key pillars support the MSRB’s mission: 1) the establishment of rules for dealers and municipal advisors; 2) the collection and dissemination of market information, and 3) market leadership, outreach and education.