Board of Directors Application and Selection Process

At the beginning of each calendar year, the MSRB conducts an application process seeking qualified candidates to serve on its Board of Directors. The MSRB Board of Directors includes 11 members who are public and 10 members who are representatives of MSRB-regulated broker-dealers, banks and municipal advisors. All individuals must be knowledgeable about the municipal market. MSRB Rule A-3, “Membership on the Board,” discusses the nomination and election process, including provisions about eligibility and membership requirements.

The Board of Directors’ Nominating and Governance Committee publicly announces the solicitation of applicants for vacant positions on the Board that begin in October, which is the start of the MSRB’s fiscal year. The committee accepts applications for at least 30 days through the online Board of Directors Application Portal; the beginning and end dates are specified in the announcement(s). Any interested individual with knowledge of the municipal securities market may apply or submit recommendations to the Nominating and Governance Committee. 

MSRB staff conducts an initial review of applicants’ materials to confirm their status as a public or regulated representative and ensure that all necessary information and documentation is provided. 

At the end of the application submission period, the Nominating and Governance Committee reviews all applications and selects candidates for interviews during the third and fourth quarter of the fiscal year. Additional documentation, including the Board Member Candidate Questionnaire and consent to a background check are required for applicants who are interviewed. After completion of the interview process, the Nominating and Governance Committee nominates selected candidates to the full Board of Directors for election. This occurs during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year and is concluded by September 30. Upon election, the new Board members are publicly announced and the complete list of applicants is published on the MSRB’s website.

Questions about the application process should be directed to MSRB staff at 202-838-1349.