MSRB Annual Report 2018

The MSRB is dedicated to overseeing the $3.9 trillion municipal securities market—the primary market that helps fund important state and local government infrastructure projects. Fiscal Year 2018, which ended September 30, 2018, was the first year the MSRB operationalized new strategic goals to safeguard this market. In 2018, the MSRB:

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Protecting the Principal Market for Infrastructure Finance, which includes the audited financial statement.
  • Provided market oversight to ensure understanding of and compliance with MSRB rules;

  • Developed and expanded compliance support tailored to municipal market needs;

  • Continued to enhance and build on the EMMA® website to promote investor knowledge and ease of use;

  • Leveraged its role as an SRO to promote public knowledge of the municipal securities market and provide municipal market participants with resources needed to make educated, sound financial decisions; and

  • Managed resources responsibly to maintain its commitment to long-term financial sustainability.

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Market Oversight

Expanding Compliance Support

Building on EMMA’s Foundation

Financial Sustainability